Checklist for Building/Remodeling

1/ Replacements and Repairs

  • Replacing windows, doors, fences, and roofs
  • Repainting the exterior
  • New driveways, walkways

Many items of this nature can be given counter approval without going through the Art Jury approval process, if you are making an exact replacement of what had been previously approved. Please visit the office and bring photos, samples, brochures, and paint chips. Often approval can be granted with a nominal fee.

2/ Changing Windows, Doors, Driveway Surfaces and Roofing Materials, Etc.

Please visit the Homes Association Office to determine what is currently approved and what is not approved. Selection of Approved items can be authorized at the counter. Custom items will require Art Jury approval. If door and or window sizes change, the request for approval must be accompanied with elevation studies. An elevation study is an architectural term referring to a drawing of a vertical surface.

3/ Minor Additions: Pushing Out a Wall to Expand a Kitchen, Bath, Etc.

When exterior walls are moved, the project becomes more complex aesthetically, as well as mechanically.

While you are not required to engage an architect for a minor structural change, you should have some assistance in preparing a competent plan drawn to the standards of the industry. The Art Jury must be able to determine from your plan that the results of the project will be consistent with the deed restriction requirements and will be architecturally balanced. Many times, your contractor can provide an acceptable plan for submission to the Art Jury. The plan must show elevations and floor plans in relation to the existing structure and property setbacks. Keep in mind that no encroachment into the side yard setback is permitted. Contact the City of Palos Verdes Estates Planning Department to see if your plan requires Planning Commission approval.

4/ Major Additions and New Construction

Before embarking on a potentially costly and important endeavor, we encourage you to hire experienced professionals such as an architect and contractor.

5/ Inspections

A Framing inspection is required by the Homes Association to ensure the project is proceeding in accordance with approved plans. A final inspection is required as well, after which a certificate of completion and compliance will be issued as proof that the structure was built according to the approved plans.

The City has its own inspection requirements. Please check with the City to understand the requirements for a successful completion and Certificate of Occupancy.