Why is there the “Neighborhood Compatibility Ordinance” and what is it?

Neighborhood Compatibility is a City policy, not a policy of the Homes Association.   Neighbors have a legitimate interest in your property as it impacts the character of their neighborhood, their views, and their privacy. The Neighborhood Compatibility Ordinance has placed additional limitations on the size and height of structures beyond those spelled out in the Protective Restrictions.

The Planning Commission, a committee reporting to the City Council, has the obligation to review all projects that meet the criteria of the Neighborhood Compatibility Ordinance at a public hearing. All Neighbors within a 300’ radius are notified in advance of the hearing and given the opportunity to express their support or opposition to the project. The Planning Commission reviews the project in context of its neighborhood and is sensitive to:

  • Square footage in relation to surrounding properties
  • Height
  • Massing, a term relating to the appearance of size
  • View corridors
  • Privacy

The Planning Commission may approve or reject the project. The applicants or the neighbors have the right to appeal the decision of the Planning Commission to the City Council.

You should contact the City of Palos Verdes Estates Planning Department to see if your project requires Planning Commission Approval.