Why do you need that large reserve of money?

There are a number of reasons. When a slowdown in activity occurs, the Association still has to provide a number of basic services. Without related income, reserves are used to fund the shortfall. The Association is also financially prepared to face any legal challenges to the Protective Restrictions.

What does the Homes Association/Art Jury do that the City can’t do?

The Art Jury approves the exterior appearance of all structures to meet a standard of “good of its’ kind” to maintain architectural integrity throughout the City. The City approves the way a structure is constructed. The Art Jury cannot approve a building whose construction does not conform to prevailing City codes or ordinances, and the… Continue reading What does the Homes Association/Art Jury do that the City can’t do?

How are members appointed to the Art Jury?

There are six members on the Art Jury, all of whom are appointed by the Board of Directors of the Homes Association. Each member serves a three-year term, and terms are staggered. Art Jury members are compensated for the time served during Art Jury meetings

What does the Art Jury do?

The Art Jury has the authority to review any and all plans that pertain to the external aesthetic appearance of structures and properties. This applies to new construction, remodels, and includes maintenance issues such as repainting, re-roofing and replacing windows and doors. For a complete list, please see the following section: Costs, Materials & Process.… Continue reading What does the Art Jury do?

Who is the Board of Directors and how are they selected?

The only qualification required to serve on the Board is to be a property owner of Palos Verdes Estates or Miraleste. Directors are elected annually if a voting quorum is achieved during the annual meeting held in January. The selection is based on the talents needed and availability. The Directors are not compensated.

What is the Homes Association and what does it do?

The Homes Association is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation. The Protective Restrictions provide the authority to: Interpret and enforce the provisions of the Protective Restrictions Appoint members to the Art Jury Provide administrative support to the Art Jury Maintain records, including the plans for all structures in Palos Verdes Estates and Miraleste