1923: Establishment of the Art Jury

To protect this utopian landscape, resident homeowners, and future property values in the area, an Art Jury is created to monitor all building specifications and property changes to the developing peninsula, with architect Myron Hunt at the helm. City planners had already set aside 4000 acres for parks and playgrounds, 100 acres for a university campus, and space for 120 miles of paved roads. The Art Jury would oversee the construction of twenty houses across six-hundred residential lots that had already been purchased.

Pictured here are the first members of the Art Jury. The group first met on November 21, 1922, at the Hotel Redondo. Shown in the rear courtyard of the Gard residence are members of the Art Jury, March 1929. From left to right are Charles H. Cheney (city planner), Jay Lawyer (general manager), David Allison (architect), James F. Dawson (landscape architect), and Robert Farquhar (architect). The Gard residence, designed by Kirtland Cutter, was selected by the Art Jury as the most notable example of residential architecture of 1927.

Photo and photo description courtesy of: Phillips, John. Palos Verdes Estates (Images of America) (p. 52). Arcadia Publishing Inc.