Criss Gunderson, AIA, Architect

Starting his practice in 1984, Criss, who had lived on the peninsula for most of his life, came home. Having attended the local schools, he earned a Bachelor of Architecture, an accelerated 5-year Professional program, from the School of Architecture, Cal Poly, San Louis Obispo. He returned to the Palos Verdes area that he had always loved and appreciated for its uniqueness and beauty.

Specializing in residential construction, Criss focuses his attention on all aspects of design and construction. In the initial design consideration, massing, proportion, roof configuration, and site planning are of key importance, as well as function. A good design follows with proper detailing for its type, a concept that upholds basic design standards. These standards have formed the character of Palos Verdes for the last 80 plus years.

Criss is married to Annette Carver-Gunderson, who is also self-employed, owning a music teaching company. They very much enjoy traveling together and Criss enjoys golf. They have one daughter, Jessica, who has left the nest, but returns home frequently for visits much to the delight of her parents.